“You’ve changed!”

17 12 2008

Scary words for any man to hear and I’ve had them addressed to me twice now within a single week. And not because I shaved off my charity moustache either!


I’m not sure exactly how or even why but it is clear to those around me that this study of Leadership coupled with self reflection is bringing about positive changes in me particularly in terms of coping with work and management issues.

One of the things I’m supposed to be doing as part of my Action Research is “journalling.” Now, whilst I get over the problem of turning a noun into a verb, I am a little unsure how I would incorporate external opinion into such a work but I’ll just leave it here for future reference.

So thanks to those who have supported me before the changes, thanks to those who have initiated it and thanks to those who have encouraged it.

I’m changing. Are you?

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