Consultant Surgeon recently completed MSc in Clinical Leadership. Previously cynical and ignorant, now slightly more educated about management philosophy. So deeply disappointed in local management practice that he left and found a much better job.

From the pen of My Prof and supervisor,  Graeme Martin‘s HR blogspot

  • If your blog were a room, what kind of room would it be?

a seminar room, but with comfy chairs, arranged around a large coffee table. Nice big window to one side (not behind facilitator tho) with views to fields, river, mountains and sea. On the table is a (never emptying) coffee pot, some big coffee table books of art and aerial photographs, some candles and a clock- it is 4.40pm (so the option of transferring to a pub soon is ON)

  • In that room, what do you want to talk about or discuss and why do you want to talk about it?

we want to talk about clinical leadership in its broadest terms because it is important to ALL of us in the room. we want to share ideas and see what a good way forward for us all might be, in the perfect world.

  • What role do you see yourself mainly playing in that room? Which words describe your role? And which are most appropriate for what you are trying to do with your blog?

there will be sharing of ideas and i’m supposed to lead/facilitate the session. the idea is that i start the discussion off with some facts and thoughts and move that towards a discussion. once we have reached a natural pause, we’ll probably move on to the pub.

how about this room to start with?

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