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3 12 2008

A little positivity on the blog today!

Those who know me know know that I’ve become a bit of a Getting Things Done convert. I have to say that it has helped hugely in my personal organisation to keep a track of what is going on both in my work and personal life and as well as know what needs done to help GET it done.

If you haven’t read the book then try a few web links such as this and this for a taste of what it is all about.

One of the constant problems of GTD’ers is the desire for the perfect system for managing all the various bits and bobs that go together to make an efficient system. I run a Palm Treo 650 and  because of work it is constantly with me. This is my main bucket along with a huge basket in my office at home. I have been using the D3 (d cubed to its devotees) tiddlywiki for some 8 months and found it hugely useful. I have also been resisting the draw of many other GTD systems recognising that the search for the “perfect” system also stops productivity.

So quite how I was tempted into MonkeyGTD I’m not totally sure, but after a good afternoon mucking around with it I can safely say D3 and I are getting a trial separation.

The big draw of mGTD for me over d3 is the tagging which allows me to see at a glance such things as sub-projects, all actions within a project broken down by context, the delegated and waiting tasks and contacts all in one view but then search on each of those zones too.

You can get mGTD here and if you like it, store it in the cloud here. It runs on all platforms and there’s a wee demo here. I run mine from a usb plus SD card that currently lives in my Treo making it a very efficient and portable little system.

The GTD zealots can be a bit extreme is some parts of the web and I have to confess to being a bit more ZenTD-er (you probably don’t need to know that) but what I would say is that if you are perfectly on top of all the tasks in your life; I don’t actually believe you. If you’re not, why not try GTD and if you like it, mGTD is a good way to go.

My next big question is will I be able to run it through the Android phone which is my next geek project.

Are you getting things done? or constantly playing catch up as things fall between the cracks?

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