What drives you?

22 11 2008

I’ve been doing a lot of talking recently and the one question I have been asking of my clinical peers is, “What motivates and incentivises you?”

It strikes me that in business the engine is profit and that unfortunately is also is the case in many Medical systems, particularly North America. I recently read the blog of a CEO in Beth Israel Hospital, Boston (Paul Levy) where his decision to buy a da Vinci robot (don’t get me started on that) was simply because everyone else has one and thus good business sense!

In the UK however our Health Service is almost the opposite and decisions are made due to the restriction of funds rather than attracting them. Mr Levy points out that having the robot will allow his service to attract and retain the highest quality doctors as well as deliver something the public feels it needs.

My question then is what motivates our Health Service from the very lowest level through to the highest? It certainly isn’t money (which is a good thing) but incentivising medical staff similarly does not play a major role in decision making processes. Moreover, the drive of the senior staff is clearly different from the lower levels and returns to the question I asked earlier about what direction we are going in?

What do you think? What drives and incentivises you in the NHS?

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