Medicine and Management- Mr and Mrs Smith?

19 11 2008

Clearly if you haven’t seen film this will mean nothing to you but I wonder if it isn’t a motif for the relationship between clinicians and medical management?
made for each other?
On the surface and ideally they should be a happy couple, ideally suited and getting along famously together and also each with their own careers. Closer inspection however reveals flaws and in fact chasms within the relationship which ultimately leads to the dramatic irony of course in that each is trying to take down the other.

The story develops as the two recognise and unite against a common adversary and in doing so rekindle their individual passions and effective relationship.

And there’s a whole lot of gun play, explosions and gratuitous shots of Miss Jolie wearing some very fetching outfits.

Sadly I have yet to meet a manager that looks like Miss Jolie and although Mr Pitt and I are the same age- there the similarities end.

But medicine and management do not get along together and unfortunately the relationship is frequently full of fireworks and explosions. Exactly who or what the common enemy is i’m sure could be filled by many hours of (drunken) debate but if we simply accept it as failure to deliver the best clinical service i’m sure we’d get many voices of agreement. So shouldn’t we get on together, learn more about each other, make more time for each other and move towards that effective relationship we all know is coming at the end of the film?

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