Clearly I’m missing something

27 11 2009

Following on from the last post, yesterday I was briefly interviewed by a junior doctor who is “on a leadership course”.

He was running a survey to find out “why theatres don’t run efficiently and who is to blame and whether this maters (sic) to anyone”. I tried to help by answering the questions but they were so vague as to be impossible to give a valuable response to. I asked what all this had to do with leadership and he responded, “To make people work better.”

I knew I was missing something.




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28 11 2009

Without having read the questions posed I fear that perhaps very little rigour had been applied in their selection or content.I refer you to our conversations earlier this year concerning the difference between EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS.

I would suggest that in this case your junior colleague is yet another example of someone wishing to examine one question mistakenly asks another question.This I fear is one of the underlying problems of managements which rely on quantitative data geared to effectiveness inorder to evaluate processes and procedures without giving adequate thought to their success.

Looking at the target that you attach to your commentary it would appear that the marksman was fairly effective in the use of all eight darts but in no way can you say that he made efficient use of any of them

8 12 2009
Graeme Martin

Did you ask the Junior doctor who his supervisor was? Hope it wasn’t me!

8 12 2009

it wasn’t sir.

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