The fine ART of management

27 10 2009

I am blessed that currently I work in an institution that gives me many opportunities to reflect on different management styles. A further blessing is some insightful and gorgeous friends who stimulate and support my thinking and development.

Take a look at this piece of art. I love it.

sinister rainbow

Sinister Rainbow, Emma d'Souza (medium- acrylic, silk thread & felt)

Is it just paint splashed around? Is the artist authentic ? Does it encourage other people to come and look at other pieces of work? Will it influence others? Will you look at your own work and want to do better or differently next time? Could the artist explain why? Would you be proud to display or own this piece of art? Is it art?

I believe the same questions can be raised of management style.

I’m sure, with the right materials and time I could attempt to produce something like that. But is that art? Is it just the finished article we are looking for? Is a poor copy worth the same? Surely what is more important is the journey to that end point.

We all have to accept that targets are met, roles fulfilled, projects planned and appraisals achieved but surely (please?) what is actually more important is not the end point but the nature of the  journey in getting there. There has to be more art to management than simply administration.




One response

27 10 2009

‘enry ‘iggins comes to mind
“I do believe (s)he’s got it”

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