tell me something positive please?

24 09 2009

I’ve had a bit of a rough week with our management team. I wrote a post and decided against publishing it as all it reflected was my negativity.

So I thought, why not seek out some positivity? Let us all (as there are regular visitors to the site) hear your encouraging stories of management, clinical leadership and how it works for you. Share how you can see how things are improving or where change has happened for the better.

Go on, let’s hear the up side?




6 responses

25 09 2009
AJ Cann

I’ve just ordered a new netbook to replace my dead Macbook. Upside – weight, battery life, cost. Downside – it’s not a Mac 😦

25 09 2009
Borys Burnayev

As a general tonic you might want to try Positive Affirmations for Android (another app of mine). Proven to reduce stress, facilitate conflict resolution, and boost self-confidence 🙂

26 09 2009

is it a disappointment that despite asking for positive responses on management and clinical leadership and over 30 hits, all we have are the two comments above?

come on, SOMEONE must have something positive to say about management and clinical leadership?

30 09 2009

I can honestly say i have a good rapport with the clinicians in the departments I manage. There is always the odd clinician who rates himself more highly than god himself, but generally I’d say we make great improvements and moves towards development given the financial limitations. Having taken over a new department recently I’ve worked alongside the clinicians, who are running various peripheral clinics, and fought to get the PCT to pay for additional services and ensure that the Trust gets financial recognition for it. At present I’m also having to see where I can find a 5% cost saving- looking at efficiencies rather than just cutting staff and equipment. Having reassured the clinical leads that I will look at cutting fat, rather than trimming the lean, they providing me with their indepth knowledge of the service so that we can bottom out some of these unnecessary overheads.

Maybe that’s the key. Both sides have to be willing. Certainly when I’ve encountered Clinicians that have proved rude, unhelpful etc, it’s been far harder to make a positive difference.

22 10 2009
Bill Cooke

Hello. You might or might not see this as positive, but for me its intriguing. You know there is a usage of the word “clinical” in Action Research which is different from clinical in your sense, but maybe with some historical resonance – Ed Schein’s work on “the clinical perspective” – see his little blue book “the clinical perspective in fieldwork”. Apologies if this is showing off, and or if you know about it – I would have emailed you directly but can’t see how. Found your blog googling following its mention of Holt and Chia. Not sure about that Heidegger stuff. Not a nice man.

23 10 2009

Bill, Thanks for your comment. Am looking into “the clinical perspective” as am intrigued not only how the term is bandied around from football commentators to other disciplines where it means something completely different to what I would understand. Hopefully more on this later.

Which bit about Heidegger? (save that he “was a boozy beggar who could think you under the table”?

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