Docendo discimus – we learn by teaching.

18 08 2009

Some positivity today.

I am privileged to work alongside some very talented people including anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians, nurses, radiologists, administrators, and technicians. I believe one of the most important things these people do is not the individual roles that they perform but the passing on of that expertise to allow others to do the same.

There are few out and out geniuses, whose talent and production is so special that it must be considered a gift of some higher power and cannot be taught. The rest of us have been nurtured, admittedly from variable starting points, but we must all accept that few of us are where we are today without the supervision and support of someone who has gone before.

SenecaI was prompted by an email to remember one of my teachers and as I teach and encourage myself I see the truth of what Seneca the Younger said, “Docendo discimus (we learn by teaching)”. The value is immense; it shares and develops many but the reflexive nature develops the teacher too.

This I think is an essential of many jobs but none more so than in leadership.




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