Farewell Grasshopper.

4 06 2009

I blogged a long time ago a little of why this blog site is so called. The sad news today is that the actor David Carradine who played Grasshopper is dead. Of course I didn’t know him personally and I appreciate that people die every day but this man’s death has left me with a little sadness.

And so I wondered what to write today prompted by the death of this man. Perhaps the simplest thing is to pose the question that Master Po might ask, “So Grasshopper, you are older now. What have you learnt?”




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5 06 2009

We are still young. And some things take time!
I a sequal, Caine is now the older wiser man and, with a look to a grasshopper at his feet, he asks one of his students the very same question Po asked “What can you hear?” And the secene unfolds, with flashbacks to the original grasshopper-dialog.
At the end the student looks humbled and asks “Will it take me long to learn all this?”
And Caine, with a geltle simle, answeres “Only a lifetime….perhaps longer!”

5 06 2009

I tend to agree with you B; there is a lifetime of learning ahead of us.

So what have YOU learnt?

5 06 2009

What have I learnt? In general, from live or just from your blog?
Live is short, and long, at the same time. Not always pleasant, but rewarding if you look for little things. If you have a general sense of direction….it helps. If you have something, that you think is worth it all…even better. If you think you matter, what you do matters and you can make a difference……absolutely brilliant. Fight for it, if you think it’s worth it. Respect others on the way though, even if they are not in agreement with you. Maybe especially then. Take a deep breath and try to see were they are coming from, why they think they, and only they are right. First lessen in communication: Listen!! And think before you speak. I don’t know much about management, only that it seems to constantly interfere with things that clinicians think are necessary. Why they can’t come to an agreement is beyond me. There is something on either side that the other side is not seeing and couldn’t possibly understand. But that is, I would say, where communication comes back into it. Listen to one another. Try to understand where the other one is coming from. But if you believe in what you are doing, if others believe in you too and you are generally good supported, then you have to fight for it and make people listen. The world is not perfect but if you can make it even a little bit better, even just for a few people, it’s worth all the effort.

5 06 2009

Thanks B!

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