Clinical Managers are like web sites.

22 04 2009

The more I thought about the last post and Sue Llewelyn’s analogy of clinical managers as two way windows, the more I realised it was wrong. For me at least.

Certainly a clinical manager can allow and transmit vision (knowledge) to and from both sides of the “divide”, the insights one being more apparent to the other. But there I think the analogy starts to fail. Once again I accept that this may be due to my experiences but if an analogy is to be worthwhile it must work beyond simply those who describe it.

If one is inside a building looking out, no matter how big the window, the view is limited by the window itself. Similarly, no matter how close one gets to the window only one room inside the building will be visible. that is if the window is even on the ground floor! I’ll let you make your own translations into the experience of managers and clinicians.

My proposal is that clinican managers should be like a website.

It’s all about communication and information, accessibility, and development. And if the website isn’t working properly, or providing the right information, the appropriate support or communication portal, it can be upgraded and added to. It doesn’t have to be all singing and all dancing with java apps and downloads everywhere; it has to be personal and effective, professional and online.

What sort of website are you?




2 responses

27 09 2009
Linda McLean

An interesting and valid view.
It brought back an experience I had just yesterday. Coming home from a sortie, my husband and I espied a derelict property. The house was all boarded up, but there were barns and outbuildings which we could, and did, explore.
We found a piano – very old and disused on the top floor of the barn.
How had it got there? Who had thought of putting it there in the first place. Had it had stayed there because it was too difficult to move?
Until we are allowed an inside view of managers and how they manage -we will never know or fully understand the motives of what has been done.
And we will continue to ask: “Why is that piano there?”

27 09 2009

what an interesting insight, thank you.

i am trying (desperately) to maintain some positivity on the whole issue and that intrigues and encourages me.

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