Management- there has to be more to it than meets the eye.

12 02 2009

It is likely that my action research project will be on the interaction between clinicians and medical management. I’d value thoughts and insight into both the project and the concept itself.

Importantly, one should understand that from the action research point of view what is equally important to the outcome of the assessment and interventions is a description of the journey taken. This entails increasing understanding of self, ladders of inference in perception and describing and discussing adjustments made on the basis of external influences. Close friends will be amused and intrigued I’m sure, but I’m quite looking forward to it.

One of the reasons for choosing this project is that my overall experience of “management” has not been good. I completely accept that this may be due to ever increasing negativity and cynicism on my part founded upon increasing layers of poor perception as well as the fact, that for most physicians, our only effective contact with “management”, in all its various guises, is in a negative or confrontational context. Clearly seeing only such negative events strongly affects our views and I should be the first to accept that this may represent only a numerator in the equation rather than the denominator. One of my challenges therefore is investigate the latter and see what else goes on that I don’t see or experience and try to gain a more balanced view of management. Recording it here is the first step.

The difficulty with describing something purely on what you can see is totally reasonable but was (possibly) where the crew of the Titanic went wrong.




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