Lessons on leadership from Maisy (2)

21 01 2009

maisy1In a recent post I talked about lessons on leadership I am learning through my dog, Maisy.

James, the trainer at Gun Dog classes, emphasises the importance of letting the dog have the opportunity to do the right thing, as well as the wrong. That way, you can give encouragement when they do the correct thing and sharp discipline when they don’t. I think that works for your team too better than keeping them on a tight choke leash.

(are you allowed to put a choke leash on colleagues??)

So often in disciplining, “re-directing” or “critiquing” colleagues there is the risk of dwelling on disappointment, anger or other unhelpful emotions after the event. With Maisy I have found she fully understands the error of her ways straight away and what works best for me and for her is moving on straight away and re-establishing our good relationship. Most of my colleagues are better learners than Maisy.

Lessons on leadership from Maisy-

2. discipline and move on immediately




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