The value of blogging and reading blogs; more than just a footprint in the garden

19 01 2009

The hit count for this blog has now passed 1000.

Thank you for your interest and thank you particularly to the commenters:

  • B, gnomechompski, anne marie cunningham, nathan, sue massey, marco, graeme, ubertech, ken long, strategicseneinc and stuart

Reviewing the various entries I felt it appropriate to express my feelings on why I believe blogging is NOT pointless.

I’m currently undertaking a part-time degree in Clinical Leadership. The value of the course is not simply in the lectures but the more open, tutorial type approach that we engage in with our tutors and each other. This is augmented by online discussion although, as a group, I don’t think we have fully bought into that idea.

This discursive approach to learning is in stark contrast to my original training ( four arts) where facts are transmitted in a more didactic and Hypocratic (sic) manner as one would expect. The value of interrogation of concepts by debate cannot be underestimated. It allows for correction but also solidification in expression.

Everyone has experience of management and, for my Action Learning, I have to journal my pre-understanding of the situation whether that be true, bad or influenced by concepts such as the ladder of inference. It is to be hoped that as time moves on my understanding will deepen and perhaps some negativity may be replaced by more positive stories.

The truth hurts sometimes but so does perception of the truth. We could debate whether the two are in fact the same but therein lies the value of recording pre-understanding so that my journey into Clinical Leadership is documented with honesty and may be interpreted appropriately. There is no doubt that the hit counter prompts me to continue writing. I am sure if this had steadfastly remained evidence of only my Dad reading the blog on a daily basis (thanks Dad) that I would have given up. There is encouragement in this readership but as gnomechompski pointed out the value of the blog is not about seeking approval.

Finally there is value in the discipline of writing. This cannot be over-estimated. So many thoughts prosper without exposure to fuller expression. They may germinate in the mind and develop into full grown plants nurtured by fleeting showers of mis-construed impressions in the fertile soil of isolation. The problem is that such plants are frequently weeds and choke the shoots of value and of clear thinking. Once these weeds are actually exposed to the gardening of preparation, writing and discussion they might be seen for what they are and either wither in the glare or are plucked by the insightful gardener and tossed onto the compost. Of course it is true that this process happens in open discussion, over coffee, in pubs and anywhere like minds gather and share ideas. My only question to you would be, do you meet and discuss such thoughts with like minds often or only in the quiet garden of your mind?

Thanks for coming by, please leave more than just the footprint of passage. Make a comment, ask a question, join the debate. It adds so much.




2 responses

20 01 2009
Anne Marie Cunningham

Very happy to read and comment though I want you to branch out into bad science;-)

Took a picture of the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street, Cardiff, for you on Saturday. Will send to posterous and get you the link.


22 01 2009
Stuart Johnson

I feel I’ve been a bit lax in reading your blog lately. As you may have noticed I use twitter more and am enjoying your updates (and points to your blog) from there. Just read the surgical checklist one. Interesting stuff tho I’m no v qualified to comment!

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