New management technique- Pfrancing

10 01 2009

There is major confrontation amongst your staff members, the team is completely dysfunctional, no progress has been made in years and relationships are at an all time low. How, as a manager should you approach this situation? What management techniques should you apply to resolve the problems, re-energise the team and get progress and development back on the agenda rather than criticism and bitterness?


Miles Davis’s 1961 album, “Someday My Prince Will Come In” contains the album track, “Pfrancing“.

Miles often dedicated the tune to his wife Frances but since its release in 1961 the exact meaning of Pfrancing has remained elusive to most enquiries. No-one actually knows what it means. Is it German, does it refer to musical notation pf -piú forte (louder) or is it a play on words mixing piano (piano forte) and dancing or is the connection simply to (p)Frances? The meaning is unclear yet the track is well known. Ultimately, the name has come solely to mean the piece itself. My own view is that it promises much, it comes from a stable of great pedigree but realistically delivers nothing. Particularly in comparison to such classics as “So What“.

Pfrancing- a new name for a well established management technique.




2 responses

11 01 2009

Definately not German. But I guess you knew that. 🙂

11 01 2009

I did check, thanks B (and did think of you!). Which means it is more likely it means one of the other things…

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