Dysfunctional? Nous? Pas moi!

5 01 2009

Decision Tech Inc. are in meltdown due to the interactions within the department and Kathryn Peterson is the surprise selection as the new CEO whose purpose is to lead the company from dysfunction to health. The reason she was selected was the belief that she was a good team leader.

Told in the form of a fable by Patrick Lencioni the book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” offers insight into how teams can work by pointing out how teams don’t work. Kathryn is the catalyst to this change as a leader.

The story rings bells all over town principally because so many of us work in teams within which so much more could be achieved with some attention to effective teamwork.

Lencioni lists the five dysfunctions that need to be addressed to allow effective team working.  They are:

1: Absence of Trust
2: Fear of Conflict
3: Lack of Commitment
4: Avoidance of Accountability
5: Inattention to Results

The detail of these can be found in the checklist I have put up here. Have a look, download it if you want but run through the list and see where your group are. Make sure you read both sides as one is not the direct opposite of the other. Scary how it defines just where you work isn’t it?

Then ask yourself what you are doing to turn things around.

Because that’s where it hurts.

Dysfunctionality is your problem. (really it’s mine but I can point the finger as I’m writing the blog.) Yes, there are problems of dominance and power and politics and aggression and your group will be no exception but as a leader it is your responsibility to start the change yourself.

I know, I know. That means me. Hey ho, New Year, new me.

Lencioni concludes

“…and imagine how members of truly cohesive teams behave:

1. They trust one another.
2. They engage in unfiltered conflict around ideas.
3. They commit to decisions and plans of action.
4. They hold one another accountable for delivering against those plans
5. They focus on the achievement of collective results.”




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