Is blogging pointless?

1 01 2009

family photoThis photo is currently hot on the blogsphere. Most of the comments are less than complimentary and display the usual lack of tact and understanding.

One of the thoughts I have been having recently is about the value of blogging and specifically, this blog.

Currently there have been nearly 500 hits. Which is gratifying. I wonder what people, you the reader, actually think of this blog and its value.

What value is there in me sharing my thoughts, offering ideas, questioning concepts and generally taking up bandwidth? Does it have a purpose and is it worthwhile for my benefit solely or for anyone beyond me?

In short, is it like the photograph, which to the uninitiated and uninvolved simply looks like five featureless women or is there something personal, something of value, something specific that it gives beyond simply its existence.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts. And not just on the photo!




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2 01 2009

I recently started a blog myself and asking the internet if it cares about you is just asking for disappointment. hey I look at it as something I do primarily for myself and if I make some contacts or whatever through it that is just extras. If you enjoy it, keep it up, if it’s a chore…

2 01 2009

thanks for the comment, loving the name by the way.

totally agree that looking for love is NOT the purpose of blogging more getting involved in the “discussion”. which is why i think the photo is a good metaphor.

5 01 2009

Reading this blog quite frequently (if I am not on holiday) I now have to think about why I do this in the first place. That is an interesting concept.
I find it useful to see what and more so how other people think. It sometimes helps to get perspective.
Being only a minor crumb at the bottom of the food chain I presume for me this is not about the NHS or the management thereof as this is far beyond me reach. I regard this more of a general view on how things might change if you change (hopefully for the better).
Furthermore, it always leaves me with an ever so gentle smile on my face once I finish reading it and looking at the carefully chosen picture.
But this is not about me enjoying to read it. I presume I should be about you enjoying to write it. But than again, you started this, so looking at the picture it might all be about standing out of the crowd and maybe the question shouldn’t be “why?” but rather “why not?”.

5 01 2009

Thank you B, that means a lot and is encouraging,

Why not indeed!

14 02 2009

If you are keeping a journal of something interesting you are doing, blogging might have a point. But that’s rare.

As a means of influencing others, blogging is completely pointless. Nobody goes to a blog to make up their mind. People who engage in internet arguments have already made up their minds and just want to tell others why they are right. Or they want to spread rumors. It is nothing more than a self-aggrandizing and self-gratifying act. It’s mental masterbation. Nobody cares.

15 02 2009

thanks for taking the time to sharing your and also link to the picture.

28 06 2011

It’s really hard to blog like other people when you are with Bipolar.
(now this is pointless comment LOL)

28 06 2011

I’d disagee with you Max. For me, blogging is simply about expressing myself, as you have done here. There is no demand for quality or regularity or even volume, it is simply about starting the discussion. If, as you suggest, you are bipolar, then I am sure there is loads to share and for others to learn about how sometimes you feel unstoppable and other days immovable. All of our opinions are valid.

4 09 2014
Danny fave

I’m thinking blogging is pointless because the search engines hate bloggers, it’s only worthwhile if you have a business to sell or you write about trivia, when you are pointing out idiosyncrasies with society no one will share a blog post, it feels like being voiceless. You search black girls and wigs wtf and you get something without those terms. Blogging is pointless if your blog has a point, if it’s about capitalism it’ll work

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