Metaphors; “a way of seeing and not seeing”.

22 12 2008

In attempting to understand leadership and management I am finding myself  increasingly drawn to examining metaphors. Educational theory tells me that this is a learned thing to do (!) although its value appears more in showing how poorly the metaphor works rather aptly describing the concept.

In “Images of Organization” Gareth Morgan defines metaphors as any attempt to understand one element of experience in terms of another. Philosophically of course this can only be true. However it necessarily introduces significant limitations of insight, distortion and “a way of not seeing”.

My concern are :

  1. this blog must be “a way of seeing and not seeing”.
  2. my pre-understanding of management and leadership is strongly influenced by personal experiences, most of which are negative

What a great blog eh?

I’d really value ANY comments on the site, not only for encouragement and discussion but evidence that more than just my Dad visits! (Thanks Dad.)

What good metaphors are there for leadership?




2 responses

26 01 2009

Encouragement: keep plugging away. The term cliniccal leadership may catch on. I will be mentioning it at some time in my blogging

Discussion: Metaphors for leadership. Probably best to select a real situated leadership event/process and look for parallels in a different ‘world’ (sport, drama, hobbies,)where the idea is more concrete than abstract

I keep coming back to pioneering …map making … others have liked ‘white water canoeing’, football (all codes).

Evidence beyond your dad visiting:

I am not your dad. May when I blog something about clinical leadership maybe other ‘non Dad vistors’ will appear.

Best wishes

26 01 2009

Thanks for the comment Tudor; encouraging and helpful. Your blog is certainly a valued page in my reading too.

The blog count shows many “non Dad” visitors and I am determined to keep plugging on. I am finding that blogging is helpful on many levels as my subsequent post explains.

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