Follow my leader?

29 11 2008

The blog Inside Work asks some searching questions of leaders.

  • What may I expect from you?
  • Can I achieve my own goals by following you?
  • Will I reach my potential by working with you?
  • Can I entrust my future to you?
  • Have you bothered to prepare yourself for leadership?
  • Are you ready to be ruthlessly honest?
  • Do you have the self-confidence and trust to let me do my job?
  • What do you believe?

One of the challenges of Leadership is followership and it seems clear to me that to be a good leader I must consider how I act not only as a leader but also how I act as a follower. Then those who work with me will learn from my example of followership how they might also follow me.

follow-my-leader_cropUnfortunately, the opportunities to mis-lead are therefore plenty. I suspect this is the case for many across the NHS as Consultants struggle with their “followership” of the management in Medicine. Unwittingly, complaints and railing against “managment” will work their way into the consciousness of junior staff destined themselves to become leaders.

It must however also play a considerable part in the interface between physicians and management that Consultants find themselves unable to have confidence in leaders who are unable or unclear in their responses to the questions posed above. Without that confidence there will not be followership and thus however good, innovative or worthwhile the management advances are the chances of success are extremely limited.




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